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  • Lisa Desrosiers

What we did with my a hay hook from my grandfather's farm!

Often we wonder what to do with items that have sentimental value to your family but are too large to display. This happened in our family when my mother showed us a hay hook she had been saving from her father's farm from the early 1900's.

We really wanted to do something but as you can imagine the hay hook with its trolley system is large and couldn't just go anywhere. The time came when we were building a new garage so we decided to make the system into a chandelier

The idea was quite simple:

- We removed a section of the trolley rail from the original barn

- Cleaned the rust and painted the rail section, hay hook, and trolley with a high quality paint.

- We then looked into our stock of vintage items and found and old wooden pulley and chains

- Stopped by the local hardware store who had the makings for the drop lights and rope

- Purchased the Edison Bulbs online and put it all together. Using the rope to hide conceal the power cord

- Last, but not least, when everything was installed at the correct heights, we secured the system with a hidden wire rope to ensure the system would stay in place!

Now we have brought to life a family heirloom that had spent the last 70 years hidden away in a barn. It is displayed in a proud manner that will allow everyone in the family to enjoy.

Stay tuned to more examples of how to use vintage items in today's world as well as some great places to find antiques.

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