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  • Lisa Desrosiers

Vintage Treasure Hunting In Greece

Did I ever think I would find myself in Athens, Greece looking for Vintage/Antiques for my shop???? Not in my wildest dreams......

My husband came home a few months back talking about an upcoming sales meeting he had in Athens, Greece. My mind was immediately conniving a way I could join him in his travels. After 30 years of marriage, I didn't need to mutter a word to him because he read my mind. It was decided that I would join him at the end of his business for 6 glorious days.

In the few months prior to leaving, one of his coworkers told him his wife was joining him as well. His wife just happened to be a local antique dealer as well. The planning began!

Before we new it the trip was upon us @leeleelovesvintage and I were running (yes running) around Athens scouting all the vintage shops we could find.

The vintage shops were primarily small, with items in some stacked ominously high on all sides. Many were long and narrow some having very narrow center isles and still others were garage stall bays jammed packed with many assorted items big and s

mall. Neither one of us spoke Greek, but we managed to communicate, haggle (and haggle some more) for assorted collected items. Most items we walked away with but did have to leave some behind not being able to agree on prices.

It was an amazing trip, I made a new friend, we took home so many goodies to pass along and even found the time to spend time with our husbands taking in Greece's many beautiful sights.

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