I have a roll of medium blue ribbon 1/2" on a wooden spool.  I am selling it wholesale, the full roll.  I would estimate there would be between 8 - 12 yards on the roll.  The ribbon has the gross grain look with the ribs, I'm not sure if it is taffeta, satin or a blend.  There are a series of pin holes in the ribbon from where a 1/2" pin has secured it for years.  I'm not sure if by wetting this you could get the fibers to hide the holes or not.  The holes get smaller as the roll is unwound.  The full roll is about 3" across with 3/4" to 7/8" of ribbon on the outside of the center wood spool all around wound tightly.  The outside layer of the ribbon is a bit soiled, the inside is fine.

Wholesale Vintage Medium Blue Ribbon on wood spool 1/2"

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