This paperback book has a copyright date of 1965.  It is a Golden Science Guide on Weather (a guide to phenomena and forecasts Burnett Lehr, Zim)  It has 301 illustrations in full color.  The forward of the book reads "Of all aspects of the natural world, weather is outstanding in its beauty, its majesty, its terrors, and its continued direct effect on us all.  Because weather involves, for the most part, massive movements of invisible air and is concerned with the temperature and pressure changes of this almost intangible substance, most of us have only a limited understanding of what weather is all about.  This book will help you to understand it and also to understand, in some degree, how weather changes are predicted.".............
There is a name and phone # written in the front cover in pen.  There is some wear and minimal staining showing on this book, not overly so but worth mentioning.  Opening the front cover the inside binding is showing wear, all pages are currently secured fine.  I would consider this in fair condition.

Vintage Weather Paperback Book Color Illustrations 1975

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