We have a Stuffed Bear Musical Large with a badge reading Savings Institute.  I'm not certain of the age of this piece, I would estimate somewhere between the 1950's - 1970's.  He is large and measures about 15 1/2" in L from the top of his ears to the bottom of his feet x 13" from arm to arm x about 5 1/4" in Depth.  His snout is rubber and eyes are plastic with the insides set in place (black portions do not move).  He has 2 ribbons - a red one and then another reading "Musical" on it.  There is also a badge on his chest "Savings Institute" .  There is a metal winder on the back and he works fine - I do not recognize the song he is playing.   He is very cute.  He has seen much love and been repaired in a few places.  His fur is soft but has a gray brown tint in places - I have not attempted to clean him.

Stuffed Bear Musical Large with badge Savings Institute