I have a large brown teddy bear which measures about 21" in L from the top of his ears to the bottom of his feet x 13" from arm to arm x about 3 1/2" in Depth.  I have had this in my personal collection for many years, sitting on a shelf.  He is very cute.  He has seen much love and been repaired in a number of places and is in need of sewing on his mid back (shown in my photo).  His fur is worn off in a number of places as well (again I attempted to show the worst spots in the photo's).  He is quite matted as well.  This is minimally 60 years old - I'm not certain from there.  He has so much charm, it's hard to part with him!  This is a vintage bear which I suspect is close if not to be antique.

Stuffed Bear Large Antique Item