We have a Storage Box with Leather Handle which is Vintage. It is black on the outside with a leather 6 1/2" handle on the top where the closure is. It measures about 10 3/8" in W x 7 5/8" in D x about 4 1/4" in H. The closure has a button which slides to the left to open is "stiff" and hard to open but it does open with a small amount of effort. The inside is VERY discolored and a bit filthy - I did clean it with a damp rag and the majority of the loose dirt/grime is off but it is left very stained as shown in my photo's. I imagine this could be painted to cover the staining. The latch lines up when closing and you just need to push down own the cover to secure it in place. The frame is made of metal all around the edges and I believe the box is a very heavy cardboard? I would consider this in fair condition

Storage Box Leather Handle Vintage