We have a Roller Skate Case Red Black Green Plaid Vintage Item (no skates included). It is a red/black and green plaid with a red handle. There are metal brackets, pieces holding the handle in place and latches which are all rusty. The center latch is not locked as I do not have a key, there are 2 latches on either side to keep it closed. It measures about 15" in W x 12" in H x 6 1/8" in D. The inside is lined in a brown pattern paper. The paper overall is in good condition with 2 spots that are damaged (please note that I showed 1 area, the other one is similar). This was just purchased from a Rhode Island Estate. It was packed away closed for some time therefore there is a light "old" smell when opened. It is not overpowering and I imagine the smell will dissipate if this is aired out. There are 2 stickers (1 on either side) with a roller skate and under it "Bristol Roller Rink 541 North Main St. Bristol, Conn.". 1 of the stickers are in better condition than the other. I have shown both sides. This will weigh about 5 1/2 lbs to ship.

Storage Box Roller Skate Case Plaid Vintage Item