I have a Ribbon Army Green 1 1/4 inch wide FULL Roll Taffeta vintage item.  It is a vintage item.  It is on a small cardboard center measuring about 1" across.  The roll from side to side in the center is about 8" across -  I am selling it wholesale,  the full spool. There are a series of pin holes in the ribbon from where a 1/2" pin has secured it I'm not sure if by wetting this you could get the fibers to hide the holes or not.   These do not go through the hole role, just on the surface.  There is a light difference in color on the outside of the ribbon roll - ? age it doesn't seem to go beyond the outside layer.  I believe this is a few pieces not 1 continuous roll.  There are many many yards on this.

Ribbon Army Green 1 1/4" FULL Roll Taffeta vintage item