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We have a Pink Velvet Antique Ring Box, worn.  It measures about 2 1/8" x 2" x about 1 1/4" in H.  The majority of the velvet is worn off and it is down to the base fabric on most of the outside of the box.  The top has a brown stain about the size of a mid tip marker.  If there was a spring hinge on this it no longer works, the box just sits closed.  Upon opening on the inside cover it reads "Jacobs Jewelry San Diego" on off white satin.  The satin is pulled away from the box on the right side.  The lower cushioning for the ring is off white with light soiling all over but mostly around the ring slot.  This is in rather poor condiiton, makes you wonder where it's been.

Pink Velvet Antique Ring Box Worn

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