We have a Metal Box Vintage Old Patina with a top handle.  It measures about 12 1/2" in W x 5 1/2" in D x about 3 3/4" in H.  There is a top metal handle and a latch which you push down to open the top - I do not have a key.  You have to operate the top and fit it into the latch to close it as the box is very slightly (just enough) out of shape to close on it's own.  There is surface rust, denting (mostly on the top) and staining (again mostly on the top) on the box giving it a vintage patina.  The inside has some surface rust as well.  Inside there are 4 metal pieces fitted in - 2 on the top cover and 2 on the base front.  I would consider this in fair to poor condition.  It does have a nice aged appearance.

Metal tool Box Vintage Old Patina