This game is by E.S. Lowe from 1942.  It is the Magic Numbers game and is complete with all the 15 #'s (1 space is supposed to be left open to show the back #16) and instructions.  It folds up like a book when put away with writing on the "binder".  It measures about 4 5/8" square x 1 1/4" in depth.  Each # block measures about 1" square x 1/2" in depth, I'm pretty sure they are coated but wood underneath.  The game is in fair condition with wear showing.  The case is very worn and a bit fragile.  The inside has a spot of finish missing on the inside cover.  1 block is missing some black finish.  This is a nice vintage piece but one to handle with some care as far as the case goes. 

Magic Numbers Game with Instructions Vintage