We have a accessory - I believe it held the gutter in place, vintage item.  A magnet does not stick to it.  It is very tarnished and discolored (as well as a bit out of shape especially on 1 side, I believe it can be molded back into the correct shape....).  I "think" it may be copper or brass.  I also think that it dates back to the early 1900's if not earlier.  From side to side across the full piece it is about 15 1/8" x about 6" in L on the outside designs widest points, the center is about 2 1/4" in L x about 4 5/8" across the bottom opening x about 3 1/2" in H.  As noted above it is a bit mis shaped  and a bit of the metal on the back is bent.  This is a great piece of salvage.

Gutter Accessory Question Copper Vintage Item