We have a Florist Book Keeping Record from 1965- 1966.  It is a regular "Patriot's" notebook.  It is dated on the top front cover "Daily Sales July 30 1965 - May 29, 1966. It is written in from front to back with exception of about a dozen pages in the back.  There are some loose pages in the front.  I did not count the pages so I don't know if it has the 100 sheets in the notebook but it is close.  It would be great for crafts, scrapbooking etc.  The writing is all legible.  The book measures about 10 1/2" x 8"- 8 1/2" x about 1/2" in thickness.  The front and back are a cardboard and show some light wear.  The spiral binding has a small amount of rust on it..

Florist Book Keeping Record 1965 - 1966