We have an  Enamel Pot with Cover Vintage Item.  It is the color cream and green enamel pot.  I believe it dates somewhere between the 1930's - 1950's.  The bottom of the pot measures about 5 3/8" across the center with the top being slightly wider at about 5 7/8" across the center opening.  The pot's cover fits inside the opening and is about 5 5/8" across the opening.  From the end of the handle to the opposing side of the pot measures about 12 3/8" in L.  The handle is green as well as the pot's lip.  The inside bottom is slightly discolored with 2 spots of enamel missing.  On the outside of the pot where the handle meets the pot the enamel is missing on either side.  There is a few small specks of enamel missing on the outside of the pan with a larger spot missing on the base/bottom of the pan.  The lid has a spot of enamel missing off of the handle and a moderate amount of enamel missing on the inside rim which fits inside the pan when it's on.  I would consider this in fair condition - I would say the above description sounds worse than it appears.

Enamel Pot with Cover Vintage Item