We have a Booklet on the Chrysler Turbine Car from 1963. There is an "important notice" on the first page which reads inpartial - "The information and illustrations contained in this book are confidential.  Disclosure should be made only to authorized people in accordance with policies of Chrysler Corporation.  Although every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy as the date of publication, the correctness of information derived from this book should be confirmed at the time of release.  The purpose of this publication is to describe styling and engineering features of the Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car which will be produced in limited quantity during 1963-1964......"   It has 41 pages, softcover.  The staples in the center have rusted and blead through in the center of the book pages.  The jacket front and back  has fading to the blue finish all around all edges.  The pages inside (other than where the staples blead) are in very nice condition.

Confidential Print Booklet Turbine Car The Chrysler Corporation Book 1963