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I have a ceramic swan ashtray, it is vintage nos.  It has a rose on it's neck flocked by 2 leaves.  On the inside of the ashtray there are 2 yellow flowers (slightly raised on the ceramic) and 2 pink flowers (1 of the pink flowers on this one has a dark pink spot beside the flower which is from manufacture).  I'm finding that perfection was not quite as important in this era as the flowers are not perfectly painted on the raised portion of the ceramic but close.  The wings arc upwards with a raised design for feathers highlighted by a silver/gold color sprinkle paint.  The very back has 2 rounded area's to hold the cigarette's.  This is marked underneath "Japan".  The measurements are roughly about 3 1/4" in length x about    2 3/4" in width x about 1 3/4" in height.   This is straight from the shipping box.

Swan Ashtray Ceramic NOS

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