We have a Bottle Pourer celluloid three feathers nos boxed.  There is a cork surround on one end with the two outer top feathers on a hinge so when tipped they allow you to pour from them.  The piece measures about 3 3/4" in L x about 3" in W x 7/8" in D  The base of the cork is about 3/4" and the cork is a thin layer around the celluloid center.  Upon initial listing I have 4 of these available.  The boxes show some wear with 1 having the top of the box off/loose and another having the cardboard torn/cut on the box.  There is some light discoloration/fading on the boxes as well.  The items are in good new condition, they may need a quick wipe down upon receiving.

Bottle Pourer Three Feathers nos Celluloid Vintage Item