We have a pillow case /sham made from barkcloth.  It is a vintage item.  It measures about 17" x 15".  The colors/pattern are very nice with a landscape scene and home on the sham (both sides the same print - I have shown both sides).  This may have been handmade, I'm not sure.   It is open on about 3/4 of one end to slip the pillow in.  A pillow does not come with this it is just the case/sham.  I believe it dates somewhere between the 1940's - 1960's.  There is some light fading on one side with a couple of grayish marks on the same side (they are light I attempted to show them in my photo's.  the other side is a bit better condition but does have a light brown stain about the size of a quarter under one of the trees - I hadn't noticed this to take a photo because it is very light.  I would consider this in good to fair condition.

Bark cloth Pillow Sham Vintage Item