We have a vintage 1968 nos (no writing in original box) "All About You" for an adopted child by Gibson.  The outside cover is still in the plastic wrap - the book is yellow so can be used for either gender.  There is an advertisement brochure which reads in partial "The first record book designed especially for adopted children  This book is unique in that it fulfills five most important purposes: 1. It serves as a storehouse of important records and wonderful memories which should be kept for every baby and child. 2. According th child welfare leaders, it is an ideal manner in which to open and lighten the way for parents to lovingly tell their child the adoption story.  3.  It keeps open the line of communication between parents and child during the growing up years.  4.  It serves as a valuable "instrument" for parents to use in telling an older child, adolescent, or young adult who has not known of his adoption.  5.  In the words of Dale Evans Rogers:  "ALL ABOUT YOU' is a very heart-warming and much needed memory book that will give the chosen child his family tree reference and a definite sense of security as he grows older."  There are man illustrations in the book all in pastels, mostly yellow but some pink and blue as well.  The outside box shows a bit of wear and staining but the book is in new condition.

Adoption Baby Book Vintage