We have 7 pads, pocket size advertisement for Atkins saws and Simonds saw and steel co, vintage items.  They are pocket size (no writing in them, empty pages) all being about 5 1/4" - 5 3/8" in H x about 2 5/8" for w on the Atkins and the other 3 are about 3" in w.  The 4 Atkins have lined pages, the other 3 are plain paper inside.  They all show some light wear with the Simonds pad with the 1949 calendar on the front having the top front left corner missing.  The staples have all rusted and on the inside pages this is visable in the center of the pads.  I would say these are in fair condition.

7 Pads Pocket size advertisement for Atkins/Simonds Vintage