We have 5 Salvage light parts vintage items.  There are 3 light cones for the ceiling - 2 metal and 1 brass (the one with the wire still attached is brass).  The metal ones match with a rope design around the base but one is in fairly poor condition with surface rust.  These 2 measure about 3 1/2" in H x about 5 1/4" across the center of the base.  The brass one is a bit smaller at about 3 3/4" in H x about 4 3/8" across the center of the base.  This one has a metal plate attached to the old wire.  There are a few dents on this one as well.  The other 2 pieces are brass - I'm going to refer to them as "light rings" to hold the globes in place - I'm sure that is not the propper name.  They are the same and measure about 2 1/2" across the center x about 1/2" in H - they have the original screws in place (the screws are a bit rusty.

5 Light parts Salvage Vintage