We have 40+ buttons, vintage lot.  The pinks/purple/reds are mostly  juvenile buttons with stars, flowers, squares, ect. Please see photo. There are some sets included in lot. To give you an idea of the size the very small square buttons are 1/4" square with the largest button being the lilac flowers (2 of the 3) are 7/8" across the center. They are all plastic and more than likely date from around the 1980's - 1990's.  The greens are different shades of green. They are plastic. I believe they are from around the 1950's - 1970's or so. They are in nice condition. There are 2 sets of matching buttons each in this lot (please see photo's). The largest are the 6 on the right of the first photo being about 7/8" across the center. The smallest is on the left bottom second button in on the first photo being about 3/8" across the center.

40 + Buttons Vintage lot