We have a lot of 4 vintage/antique casters. 3 are a set and the 4th is a single.  The wheels on the set measure about 1" in W x about 5/8" across the center of just the wood. There is the steel attachment to them which is rusted. This attachment measures about 1 1/2" on the upright pin.  The full length from the bottom of the caster to the top of the pin is about 3 1/8".  2 of the 3 roll nicely the 3rd one sticks a bit.  The single one is about 1 1/8" across the wheel center x 5/8" with the pin being 1 5/8" on the upright pin and the full length is about 3 1/8".  They are very close to the same size - the metal support is slightly different on the single.  The single  one sticks a bit as well.

I will ship internationally, please contact me with your country for a shipping quote.

4 Casters Vintage Wood and Metal set of 3 and a single