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We have 4 retro vintage pendants as described as follows from the first photo top left:

Top left:  This retro pendant/charm dates somewhere between the 1970's - 1980's. It measures about 1 3/4" from top to the bottom with the arrow and the one way being 2 pieces. The arrow portion is about 7/8" wide. It shows minimal wear but is overall in good condition.

Top Right: We have a snoopy gold tone metal charm or pendant. He measures about 1 5/8" in L x 1" wide. On his ear it is engraved "Fay" and in the heart there is a "78" (fairly certain this was the year....). He has extremely light wear, in good condition.

The 2 pendants on the bottom are the same and are as follows:  We have 2 Charms #1luv NOS vintage item marked. They date from the 1980's. These are marked, most of the lot was Monet although I can't make out the marking (it is on the top metal piece the chain goes through). The charms measure about 5/8" in H x about 1/2" across the the bottom.

4 Retro Pendants Vintage 2 NOS

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