We have a lot of 3 vintage wood hangers with the metal tops.  1 of them has the # 100 painted on the top on both sides.  It has a sliver of wood missing from underneath on one side and there is a knot in the wood on one side which shows some wear.  This one also has some black paint splatter (shown in my photo's) one one side lower arm.  It measures about 17 1/4" across the bottom x 8 3/4" in H from the top of the hanger to the lower bar.  There is one with the top being stamped ".....Tailor & Cleaner....." on both sides - I can't quite make out the top and bottom lines.  It measures about 17 1/2" across the bottom x about 9 1/2" from the flat bottom bar to the top of the hanger.  The last one is unmarked, slightly rounded ar with the top hanger being a bit unique to the others (please see photo's).  It measures about 17" across the bottom x about 6 1/2" from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the wood in the center (most of this measurement is the unusual hanger).  I will ship internationally, please contact me with your country for a shipping quote.   

3 Wood Hangers Vintage