I have a set of 3 vintage silhouette trays, 1 large and 2 smaller one's which fit inside either end.  The bottom metal tray measures about 24 3/8" from one side of the handle to the other x about 7 1/8" in width x about 1/2" in height with the exception of the handles which are about 1 1/2" in height.  The 2 end trays which fit inside the large tray measure about 5 3/4" in width each - the silhouette's mimic the ones under them on the large tray.   There are some damages on the finish on the trays with some rust showing through in places.  I would say the worst is on the male small tray top as shown in the photo's.  I would consider this in fair condition.

3 Trays Silhouette metal Vintage