We have a lot of 3 vintage sweater clips.  From top to bottom in the first photo they are as follow:


The top one measures about 7 1/4" with the clips measuring about 1 1/4". The clips are a faux metal flower with the petals being cut away from the metal base - a few of these petals need to be bent back into shape.  There is a center faux pearl in each flower with the center chain being a faux pearl as well.


The center one is a gold tone metal with gold clip ends and a faux pearl center chain. It measures about 7 1/2" in length with the end clips measuring about 5/8". It has some wear on the faux pearls.  One of the end clips needs the ring tightened to keep the center chain in place - I did put it on currently but the connecting ring should be tightened on the side

The bottom one  measures about 7 3/4" in length.  It is a faux pearl center with faux pearls again on top of the  clips .  This is in fair condition with moderate wear showing on the faux pearls.

3 Sweater Clips guards Vintage lot