We have 3 Packages of Patches / mending fabric nos in the original packaging.    In the first photo from left to right is 2 "navy" (more of a light blue) 7 1/2" x 5" traum Irontex patches.  In the center is "starched" white by Super Stik 6 1/2" x ? yards (the package is torn a bit at this point) it also states 252 sq. inches......  The package is opened but appears to not be cut into.  Lastly on the far right is a Khaki colored 5 patches about 7" x 5 3/8" by Quik Pres.  I can't guarentee that the "iron on" stick is still good on these as they date somewhere between the 1950's - 1970's.   

3 Patches Mending fabric NOS Vintage