We have a lot of 3 red wood handled kitchen tools.  This is a vintage lot.  The red paint on the wood  is in nice condition showing a small amount of wear on the paint but mostly intact.  The small spoon measures about 5 3/4" in L with the spoon being about 1" across.  The slicer measures about 6 5/8" in L with the end piece starting at about 2 1/8" and at the end of the tool it is 2 3/8" due to the slant on the metal bottom.  I'm uncerain what the last piece is for.  It has an open separated wheel on one end and a curved spatular like movable part on the back.  The extension/lever by the wood handle reads "press thumb here".  It measures about 7 1/2" in L x about 3 1/4" in W at the top tool.  These all have a bit of tarnish and some light rust.  I would not suggest actually using these but putting them on display.

I will ship internationally, please contact me with your country for a shipping quote. 

3 Kitchen Tools Red Wood Handles Vintage Lot