We have 3 HUGE Vintage Clamp wood screws.  They came off of an Extremely large turn of the century wooden clamp.  I am selling them in a lot of 3 all together.  They measure about 22 1/4" in length x about 1 1/4" across the top  x about 1" on the bottom edge on one, the other 2 have a slightly different bottom and measure 7/8".  They are solid wood.  I was told they were handmade......not sure of this.  There are small holes through out them where insects have burrowed (not currently of course - they've been in my home  office for 3 weeks....no worries).  There is thread damage to different degrees on all 3 which varies from the threads being worn to small chunks of the wood thread missing.  There is some tape residue on top which may need to be polished/sanded off.  These are very cool, they would be great displayed as is or worked into a project.....use your imagination. 

3 Clamp wood Screws Huge Vintage