We have 2 Wood Salvage Tops to Antique Chairs Vintage Items (top pieces only).  They have a slight curve to them with a molded bottom.  The chairs they were taken off of were dilapidated and not able to salvage therefore we cut these pieces away hoping someone could recycle them.  The very bottoms show where they were cut (with the new wood visible on either side and the center has a slatted opening where the middle slat was.  These measure about 19" across the top and 17" across the bottom x about 5" in H x about 5/8" in depth at the top and 1 1/2" at the bottom where there is a small piece of the reinforcing wood on either side in the back from the original chair.  I think these may be oak but I'm not certain.  The finish on both are original varnish/paint and bubbled with a bit of the wood showing through.  I've seen these made into shelves or use your imagination.

2 Wood Salvage Chair pieces Vintage