We have 2 Tire Tube Repair kits Vintage items.  1 is a rectangle cardboard body with metal (rusted) on the top and bottom.  It was made by Kex Products and measures about 3 5/8" x 2 1/4" x about 1 1/8" in d.  The cardboard is missing some paper finish on the back left side top and a few smaller area's as well.  The inside has 4 patches and a metal ?form with holes.  The other kit is round measuring about 4 1/2" in h x 1 7/8" across the top.  This one is all metal with some light rust and tarnish.  It was put out by R M Hollingshead co.  Inside are 10 old patches, a ? form with holes and a tube of ?.  I have not cleaned the pieces inside and they will need a quick wipe down. 

2 Tire Tube Repair kits Vintage