We have 2 sets of shoe clips vintage items.  They are as follows from the top pair to the bottom in the first photo:

They are beaded Shoe Clips Dress Clips Vintage items.  They are a bronze color which has some shine to it..  The clips measure about 2 1/2" in width x 7/8" in length.  The clips work fine.   The clips are in nice condition otherwise.   

The lower clip are Monet Dress Shoe Clips Clips Marked Vintage Item. They are marked "Monet" on the back. They measure about 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" x about 1/2" in D. There are some light surface scratches and wear on these. The backs are similar to double "pins" versus your normal clips..... I would consider these in fair condition.

2 sets of shoe clips Vintage items