We have a lot of 2 Glass Jars, Vintage Items.  We did a quick cleaning of them but there is some stubborn spots that will need to have additional cleaning.  They are the same glass container but are a slight different shade - 1 being more clear the other leaning towards a smokey glass color.   They measure about 4 5/8" in H x about 1 3/4" across the bottom and about 1 3/4" across the top opening (outside measurements).  They are a bit broader in the body of the glass.  One of the glass's are marked on the bottom I believe it reads "Heinz" not positive as it is hard to make out but that's what I made of it.  The glass has manufacturing side seams in the glass's and bubbles.  I did just notice the smokey colored one has a hairline crack on the bottom leading up to the body of the glass, it is about 3/4" in L.  The other one has a round white spot - at first I thought it was a nick in the glass but it is smooth on inside and out and inside the glass.

2 Glass Jars Vintage Items