We have 2 Flower cans with lower spikes Vintage item,  they do not match they are 2 different sizes .  I believe the spikes can be removed from the bottom on the larger one, the other one the spike is welded on.  The shorter one measures about 10 1/4" in H from the lower spike to the top opening - just the can measures about 6 3/4" in H x about 4" across the top opening x 2 3/8 across the bottom.  The spikes are slightly different lengths.  It has rust peaking through in quite a few area's inside and out.  The other one measures about 10 1/2" in L x about 3" across the top opening and about 2 1/8" across the bottom.  The spike is very slightly leaning to one side.  This one is also missing some finish inside and out with rust peaking through.

2 Flower cans with lower spikes Vintage

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