We have a set of 2 - 4 drawer cases.  They measures about 6 1/2" in width x 6 1/2" in height x 5 3/4" in depth (the drawer handles do extend a bit further in the front).  There are 4 identical drawers in each one measuring about 5 1/2" in width x 5 1/2" in depth x 1 1/4" in height with the plastic handle extending about 3/8" in the front.  There are 4 plastic round feet on the bottom of each one.  One of the cases is missing 1 of these feet therefore it wobbles a bit as is.  The outside is a dark gray with some spots and light scratches, nothing drastic.  The drawers are slightly discolored a light brown as old plastic will at times.  The drawers need a quick cleaning (they previously held thread so it's just a bit dusty....).  I would consider these in good condition.

2 Drawer Cases Vintage Items