We have 2 Drapery Curtain Tiebacks Wood Metal Vintage.  They are a metal base with a wood decorative front.  The fronts have a crackled finish with a round picture - the pictures are different but the same style.  The tiebacks measure about 6 3/4" from the base (which has a place for 2 screws on either side) to the end where it curves to the front.  The metal bar is about 1/2" in w on the bar.  The wood front of the bracket is about 4" square which is placed on an angle on the front.  The brackets which get secured to the wall are on a pin which allow the decorative bracket to move forward and around to the other side.  These show some very light wear, overall in nice condition.

2 Drapery Curtain Tiebacks Wood Metal Vintage