I have a vintage book from Ward School of Airline Training (Worcester, MA) with a copyright date of 1950.  It is a softcover book with 45 pages including many photo's.  It measures about 9" x 6".  The table of contents is as follows:  Administrative officers, Faculty, trustees, general information, history, location, campus and buildings, admission, attendance, withdrawals, grades examinations and standing, special instruction, student activities, living accommodations, veterans, placement bureau, courses of instruction, business administration, jr. business administration, airline business administration, executive secretarial, medical secretarial, airline secretarial, secretarial finishing, stenographic, general clerical, business machines, airline traffic and operations, description of courses, registration procedures, tuition and fees, school calendar and application for admission.   The tuition to attend was between $350.00 - 500.00 per year with small fee's......  There are pictures on almost every page.  There is moderate wear on the outside covers.  Both staples on the binder have small tears where they attach to the book but it is still solidly attached. 

1950-51 Book Worcester School of Business Science Vintage Ward School